Battle of Malta 2012 Full Video Recap with Kara Scott

Published on Nov 2012 by Pokerlistings

The PokerListings Battle of Malta is over and BOM host Kara Scott is signing off with a full video recap of all the action. Kara gives us an inside look at the week's highlights including interview clips with Dan "Jungleman" Cates, American freeroller Don Ford and BOM champion Nicodemo Piccolo.

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Randy “nanonoko” Lew's Top 5 Tips for Multi-Tabling Online Poker 03:56

Randy “nanonoko” Lew's Top 5 Tips for Multi-Tabling Online Poker

Randy Lew regularly plays 24 tables of online poker simultaneously under the screen-name nanonoko on PokerStars and today he's here to teach you the top five things you need to know to successfully multi-table. Video Transcript: #5 – Tiling Tables is Better than Stacking Tiling is better because you can follow all the action. When you're stack the tables you really can't follow on a street by street basis. Like when you get an action while stacking a table just pops up and you're already on the river. Whereas when you're tiling you can follow the action preflop, flop and post-flop and it's much easier to make a good decision. #4 – Use Hot Keys Hotkeys are useful in poker because it allows you to make decisions really quickly. If you're playing a lot of tables you don't really have time to kind of click the very specific spot where the fold button is. With hotkeys you can hover over the whole table area and click the fold button. The most important hotkeys to have are the default actions. #3 – Minimize Distractions There are times I'm playing and I'm really in zone and I can really feel the flow of the action and play really well. Then all of a sudden my phone lights up and I'm wondering who messaged me or what's going on. It's important not to have any distractions so you can just focus on playing poker. #2 – Use a Heads-Up Display (HUD) I think it's really important to have a HUD when you're multi-tabling because you need to make decisions really quickly and you need to know who the tight and loose players are. If you're not paying attention you won't know this but a HUD can tell you really quickly. #1 – Add Tables Slowly Add tables slowly because if you try to do it overnight you're going to get flustered because you're probably not going to be winning as well. It might be demoralizing if now you're a break-even player or even losing but you're able to play a lot of tables.

Stop Making Huge Bluffs - How Not to Suck at Poker Episode 7 03:35

Stop Making Huge Bluffs - How Not to Suck at Poker Episode 7

In the latest episode of our beginner poker strategy video series How Not to Suck at Poker we show you why most of those huge bluffs you're attempting are costing you tons of money. Despite what a lot of people think, being good at poker isn't about pulling off huge bluffs every other hand. The way to win is by making less mistakes than your opponents, and a lot of the time when beginners are making big bluffs, it's a mistake. There are plenty of opportunities for betting and raising without a hand but most of these spots are about taking advantage of your position, or a big draw, opposed to putting lots of chips at risk with a huge stone-cold bluff. The important thing to remember is that it's better to make lots of simple bluffs that are likely to succeed, than to make one huge bluff for your whole stack where you're basically just praying for a fold. Quick bluffs refer to things like continuation bets and three-betting loose, late-position raisers. They're designed to take advantage of your position and what you know about your opponents, but they're not designed to lead to huge pots or all-ins. These are simple plays that stand a high chance of success. When you're betting and raising with a big draw that hasn't hit yet it's called a semi-bluff. Semi-bluffing is really important because it adds a lot of value to your draws by giving you two ways of winning the pot. Either your opponent folds to your semi-bluff and you win the pot uncontested, or you hit your hand and win a big pot at showdown. Stone-cold bluffs, or naked bluffs, are when you have no clear positional advantage and no hand value whatsoever. People seem to think that stone-cold bluffs are what poker's all about but the truth is, you'd be better off ignoring them completely. Until you're at a level where you can put your opponents on an exact hand and understand how to make them fold, you should focus on playing solid poker and not spewing chips by trying to get fancy.