Easy Game Episode 2: Matt 'ADZ124' Marafioti

Published on Aug 2012 by Pokerlistings

Matthew Marafioti is one of the most controversial poker players in the world. He's won millions of dollars playing online and live but his career has been plagued with criticism for his extravagant lifestyle and outspoken personality. In this new video series PokerListings.com explores one side of Matt Marafioti in his home in Toronto, Canada.

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lover 2015-03-20 00:56:12

This is one sad boy!

Set-Mining 101 - Poker Strategy Power Moves 03:10
Poker Strategy

Set-Mining 101 - Poker Strategy Power Moves

Set-mining is a powerful poker strategy move that you learn in just three minutes. It's great for beginner and intermediate players because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of playing low and medium pocket pairs. Set-mining refers to calling a raise with a pocket pair, with the main intention of trying to flop three of a kind. A set is another name for three of a kind and when you flop one, it's an opportunity to get paid big. The idea is, if your opponent raised with a big hand like pocket aces, it's going to be really tough for them to fold on a board that looks so safe. Set-mining is great for beginner and intermediate players because it makes your decisions on the flop really simple: If you don't flop a set you can shut down, if you do, try to get paid. When you get more experienced you'll realize that just because someone raises, it doesn't mean they always have a premium hand. And when you start calling with pocket pairs in position you'll learn that you don't always need to flop a set to win the pot. Sometimes your opponent will have raised with two big cards and will miss the flop completely. When you're in position with a pocket pair you can make your opponent fold overcards by betting, or get to the river and showdown the best hand.

How to Sign Up and Play Online Poker at William Hill Poker 01:26

How to Sign Up and Play Online Poker at William Hill Poker

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